Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bangalore Autos and Dubai Taxi

THe only solution to end the "Auto menace " in Bangalore is to impose very heavy fines on autodrivers who refuse to take passengers to their desired destination.

I remember the constant harassment faced by commuters on their way to work or back home. I have been in Dubai for two weeks now and only ONE taxi driver refused to take me to where i wanted to go. This is quite a pleasant surprise for me and part of the reason as we are told is that the Dubai Transport Authority is barring drivers for ten days if they refuse to take people where they want to.

THe system seems to be quite hard on Taxi drivers, but it works. And considering that the Taxis are there to serve people and not the other way around; to me it seems to be a fair system. Its time Bangalore does something similar. Its time for some strong action.