Friday, June 27, 2008

A joke about Indian politicians

This was told to me by Souvik Chakraverti, a well known economist ( who was with CCS, a think-tank in New Delhi). Souvik is considered a maverick econimist despite or rather because of his credentials - an LSE grad and a former civil servant.

Souvik : Do you know that the average life expectancy in India is about 65 years for a male ?

Me : Yes. I know that

Souvik : And did you know that the average age of our politicians in the cabinet is 70 yrs ?

Me : Nope, didnt know that .

Souvik : Doesnt that mean that all our politicans are technically dead ???

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

some fundamental questions

Why do we treat each other so badly ?

Why are we so competitive ?

Is there a need to be so competitive ?

Why is there so much violence in our hearts ?

Why cant we love one another ?

What makes us so jealous of others ?

Why dont we remember our death more often ?

Why have things become more important than people ?

Why is money so important ?

Cant we have more compassion and kindness in our hearts ?

Why do we define ourselves in terms of race/ age/ wealth. Are we not all human at the end of the day ?

Why do we speak so much ?

Cant we learn to just shut up and listen to the other person ?

Why do we love ourselves so much ?

Why are we so class-conscious ?

Why are we so hateful ?

Why are we so fake ?

Where do those fake smiles originate from ?

Why cant we be more sincere ?

Why dont we give more than what we take ?

Can one learn to be honest ?

Khudi by Junoon

Sunday, June 22, 2008